Concept & Design Planning Package

Service fee $400

If you been dreaming of planning your wedding from a young age, but you not quite sure where to start? We can provide you with professional’s advise and guide you throughout your planning process.

General Consulting Services includes the following:

  • Free initial consultation to determine the size and style of your wedding and how we can guide you throughout the planning process. Unlimited consultation hours by phone & email for advise.
  • 2 x in studio consultations to discuss your wedding in more detail.
  • Kashaya & Co will recommend a list of professionals who best reflect your theme, budget and style. It is then up to the couples to contact out suggestions, source quotes and do all the organising themselves.
  • Overview of your general wedding plans and suggest styling ideas.

Note: Payment of in full is required at the first face to face meeting. Travel expenses of $50 per hour will be charged accordingly anywhere beyond 15kms from the Double Bay Studio. Service fee inclusive of GST.

Wedding Day Coordination & Styling Package

Service fee $1200

Kashaya & Co can act as your Wedding Stylist to work on the decorative aspects of your wedding and collaborate with you to design a look and feel that is uniquely yours! We can take an empty shell and transform it with colour, flowers, lighting, specialty linens, centrepieces, candlelight, chandeliers, chic lounge settings and more – this is your time to shine and we will ensure that your celebration will be unforgettable. The beauty of this service is that you decide what level of decorative assistance you need.

 Wedding Day Coordination Package includes the following:

  • Complementary initial consultation to determine the size and style of your wedding and how we can assist you on your wedding day.
  • Overview of your wedding plans and styling ideas.
  • 4 x in studio consultations to discuss your wedding details with your key suppliers such as your Reception Venue, Photographer and Florist/ Stylist. Additional meetings can be added at an additional cost, if needed.
  • Attendance at the Wedding Rehearsal the week before the wedding.
  • Up to 4 Hours of time in the studio, this time is allocated for the following:
  • Liaising with all your suppliers you have hired to make sure they have all the correct information.
  • Creating a Comprehensive Timeline for the wedding day.
  • Communicating this comprehensive timeline to your suppliers.
  •  Calling all your suppliers the week of the wedding to confirm their start time and details for the wedding.
  • Attendance on the wedding day for up to 8 Hours to ensure: The Wedding Day is seamless and to make sure your suppliers are running to the comprehensive timeline we developed together.
  • The ceremony and reception venues are set up and decorated as discussed in the lead up to the wedding.
  • Additional Coordination Hours can be purchased at an additional charge, if needed.
  • Allow the Kashaya & Co team to be your personal assistants on your day to address any of your concerns and find solutions to any challenges that may occur during the day.

14 hours are included in this package with a Total Value of $1680. Total Saving with this package are $480.

The Service Fee excludes GST. A deposit of $1000 is required within one week of making the booking. Final Balance is due 4 weeks prior to the wedding. Meeting Hours and Studio Hours cannot be used as Wedding Day Coordination Hours and Visa Versa. Travel expenses of $120 per hour will be charged accordingly anywhere beyond 15kms from the Double Bay Studio. Additional meetings can be added for additional $120 per meeting. Additional Coordination hours can be added for $120 per hour.

Complete Wedding Planning Service

Service Fee: $7500

We only take on several clients per year for this particular package, so we can provide you with the exclusive and detailed service. Allow Kashaya & Co to create a beautiful wedding for you and your fiancé from concept to completion. Let us take care of each detail for your wedding and will provide you with access to the exclusive supplier portfolio made up of Australia’s leading wedding vendors. As a Client of our’s you will have access to exclusive upgrades and discounts from these luxury suppliers.

Complete Wedding Planning Experience includes the following:

  • Complementary Initial consultation to sit down and discuss your wedding details and styling ideas, and to talk about the look and feel that you would like for your wedding.
  • Unlimited consultation hours by phone & email (9am to 7pm).
  • Unlimited face-to-face or Skype meetings to discuss the progress of your wedding plans and to meet with your suppliers to discuss your requirements.
  • Kashaya & Co will organise to visit and escort you around an array of luxury Ceremony and Reception Venues that are perfect for both your theme and style of your wedding you desire.
  • We will organise Meetings with our luxury wedding vendors from our exclusive supplier’s portfolio to discuss your requirements such luscious florists and opulent gown designers to name a few.
  • A Kashaya & Co staff member will accompany you to all your meetings with your suppliers.
  • Kashaya & Co will be your main point of contact to all your suppliers through out the wedding planning process.
  • We will gather quotes from your exclusive suppliers and present them to you so you can select who you would like to be part of your dream team.
  • As a client of Kashaya & Co you will have access to exclusive upgrade  and discounts from our Luxury portfolio of suppliers.
  • Budget Management is an important part of this package, this includes:
  • We will start out with an initial budget estimate, then proceed by filling in the actual amounts once we receive your quotations.
  • This is followed by recording your deposit payments to lock in the date with the supplier.
  • We will inform you of when all progress payments are due and a final payment summary of amounts and dates will be provided to you as the wedding approaches.
  • RSVP Management is an exclusive service included in this package – this allows us to receive all your RSVP reply cards so they can record who is attending the wedding including their dietary requirement etc.
  • Wedding Day Timeline Management – we will create a comprehensive timeline for your wedding day including all the timings for each of your suppliers as well as specific times for your movements on the wedding day such as hair and make up start and finish times, when your photographer will arrive and when you cars will come to collect you etc. This is something we develop together with your suppliers but there is not need to think about the timeline on the wedding day as we will be there to prompt you when certain things will be happening so you can enjoy the best day of your life.
  • Attendance at the wedding rehearsal the week before the wedding.
  • This package also includes Wedding Day Management
  • Your exclusive Wedding Planner will be On-hand to assist you with everything on your wedding day for up to 12 hours.
  • Our Wedding Planner will make sure that all suppliers are in the correct place at the correct time.
  • Our Wedding Planner will make sure both your ceremony location and reception venue are set up and decorated to the standard that the client is to expect and to the requirements discussed over the course of the wedding planning.
  • We will double-check all seating allocations of guests.
  • We will make sure that we are address any of your concerns and find solutions to challenges that may occur during the day.
  • Your Wedding Planner will liaise with your Reception Venue to ensure they keep to time and follow through with all the requirement discussed.
  • Kashaya & Co will also make sure that all your special items are collected at the end of the night so you have your previous keepsakes for years to come.
  • As part of this package we will provide up to 4 hours planning, styling and decorating a pre wedding celebration such as your bridal shower or kitchen tea.

Note: Service Fee are inclusive of GST. A deposit of $2200 must be made within two weeks of the initial consultation before any services can commence. Progress payments will apply over the course of the planning with the final payment to be made one month prior to the wedding. Once progress payments are paid they are non-refundable. Travel expenses of $120 per hour will be charged accordingly anywhere beyond 15kms from our Double Bay studio.

This is based on the average wedding of 150 guests; larger guest numbers will incur additional costs. Additional Wedding Day Coordination Hours will be charged at $120 per hour plus GST.

Design & Consultation



During the consultation you have the opportunity to sample a variety of cakes and fillings, while getting a close-up view of a variety of cake displays with different techniques and styles and having the opportunity to browse through Kashaya & Co’s extensive portfolio of wedding cakes and specialty cakes, as well as her ever-growing library of resources. During the consultation Kashaya will get to know you and learn as much as she can about your personal style and vision for the event, and will answer any questions you might have. You are encouraged to bring fabric swatches, photos, invitations, and anything else from which we can draw inspiration for your wedding cake or celebration cake.


Using the knowledge she gained in the consultation, and any further research required, Kashaya sketches one or more conceptual wedding cake or specialty cake designs tailored to your unique vision.

Sugar Flower Creation

Kashaya and her staff take great care in handcrafting realistic sugar flowers and other decorations that can be made weeks before your event, using special tools and only the best materials, and of course the high level of skill they’ve developed over the years. Very often fresh flower samples are used as models to replicate the delicate texture and subtle colouring  Kashaya & Co can replicate almost anything in sugar, such as an heirloom jewel or brooch, delicate embroidery, a custom monogram, ribbon, pearls, etc., so that your favorite details can be reflected in your wedding cake or specialty cake.

Flavours &  Fillings

All our wedding cakes and specialty cakes and fillings are made fresh from scratch, from only the finest natural ingredients; pure butter, Tahitian Vanilla, fine liquors & extracts, fresh fruit purees, nut pastes, preserves, imported spices and reductions, and Swiss chocolate & fondant. Each wedding cake tier (specialty cake tier) has 4 layers of cake and three layers of filling. All wedding cakes and specialty cakes are finished in ganache, swiss meringue buttercream and often Swiss fondant. Fondant is a sugar-based dough that gives our wedding cakes and specialty cakes a satiny, smooth look, and can be flavored and colored. Ganache is a dense mixture of chocolate and cream, and has a bold, rich flavor. Your wedding cake can be made all out of one cake flavor and different fillings, or 2 or more cake favors with complementary fillings. The top of your wedding cake is an extra tier reserved just for you and is never counted in the wedding cake guest servings. For example, if you order a wedding cake to serve 200, your total wedding cake servings will be 200 plus the top cake tier (usually serves between 6 – 15, depending on the cake size).

Final Assembly

The day of your wedding or event, the Kashaya & Co will put the final decorations on your custom wedding cake or specialty cake. Final decorations include piping, fondant appliqués  fondant ribbons and bows, piping, pearl dust, and placement of bouquets and individual sugar flowers. Multi-tiered wedding cakes are assembled to be sturdy for delivery by our experienced staff. Due to their design, some elaborate wedding cakes may require final assembly on site.

Cake Flavours


Chocolate Mud: A deep chocolate cake, layered with dark chocolate ganache

White Chocolate: A soft and light cake, layered with white chocolate ganache.

Citrus & Strawberry: classic citrus cake layered with creamy strawberry

Vanilla Blueberry & Lemon: A light and delicate cake, filled with lemon infused ganache.

Red Velvet: Flavoured with dutch cocoa powder and coloured rich red, we layer our version with a white chocolate ganache filling.

Coconut and White Chocolate : A deliciously moist cake with a generous amount of shredded coconut, and finished with white chocolate ganache.

Almond Torte: Layers of golden almond cake, teamed with either dark chocolate or mocha ganache

Banana Cake: lightly spiced with cinnamon and filled with caramel ganache.

Orange poppyseed: The café classic- moist and delicious, paired with white chocolate ganache.

Carrot and Orange: very moist and soft , enhanced with walnuts and layered with white chocolate ganache.

Salted Caramel: The perfect balance and sweet and salty this delicious cake is layered with dulce de leche and dark chocolate.

Filling Flavours


Dark Chocolate

White Chocolate